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2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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Grenchen Airport is aware that flying causes noise (or music depending on your point of view). Together with authorities, pilots and associations the Airport team cre­ates all the conditions to keep noise levels to a mi­ni­mum. Our proactive philosophy is to promote mutual un­der­standing between pilots and the population. With tar­ge­ted information, as in the following examples, we work to­wards co-operation built on respect and un­der­stan­ding.

Training film

Excerpt from the training program of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (BAZL) for reducing air traffic noise:


Software to play the film



Links to instructions for pilots


CD Reducing air traffic noise

Berne, 07.06.2007 – Although pilots learn how to fly to produce as little noise as possible during training, there is still room for improvement in the area of reducing flight noise. To create a standard basis, the federal offi­ces for civil aviation (BAZL) and the environment (BAFU) have produced a CD together with the Aero Club of Swi­tzer­land and Limamedia GmbH, entitled "Flug­lärm­min­derung" (Reducing Air Traffic Noise).

Thanks to the CD all pilots and trainee pilots will be able to learn from watching their screens at home how to operate a plane to produce as little noise as possible without neglecting safety. From the acoustic principles to the technical measures right through to the options the pilot has, all the concerns about the emergence and avoidance of air traffic noise are illuminated. At the end there is option to test what you have learnt in a short test. The CDs are sent out to all previously qualified pilots. New pilots are able to order the CD free of charge from the BAZL by e-mailing

The CD Fluglärmminderung "Reducing Air Traffic Noise" is currently only available in German. A French version will be available towards the end of the year.



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