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2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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Customs aerodrome

Grenchen airfield has the status of an aerodrome with a not permanently manned customs office. This means that you are able to complete your customs formalities in Grenchen, i.e. you are able to land in Grenchen from abroad and even directly depart to locations abroad. Cus­toms clearance is restricted to personal travel effects, private goods, sample collections and exhibition items under a Carnet ATA. Clearance for trade mer­chan­dise will require that you make prior contact with the cus­toms office in Biel (Tel. + 41 (0)32 366 70 00). If the cus­toms service is not available, personnel at the aero­drome will be able to help you further with customs matters.


Clearance through the canton police

The Solothurn canton police service also operates at Grenchen aerodrome and has its own office on site. The activities of the officials concentrate mainly on passport control and official entry activities. The canton police fo­cuses on serving the public and the state. The main tasks consist in guaranteeing inhabitants in the canton se­curity, protection and help.


Tel. +41 (0)32 627 71 11


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