Flughafenstrasse 117         CH-2540 Grenchen          Phone +41 (0)323969696



2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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Ongoing training for private pilots right through to professional and airline pilots and instrument flight training is possible at the regional Airport in Grenchen. The excellent infrastructure and the innovative flight operations at Grenchen Airport provide a good basis for professional pilot training in all areas. Find out about the possibilities offered by our professional flying schools.


Flying into Grenchen Airport



Flying schools

Engine-powered flight




Helicopter flights


Many courses also take place at Grenchen Airport as part of SPHAIR for the airforce. Grenchen Airport is equally proud of the fact that Swiss International has handed over the entire basic training to Grenchen flying school.


Aerial photo of Grenchen Airport

Flying over the Alps ...


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