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2007-06-16 and 17 Bückers fly in (photos by Rainer Gizzi)
2007-08-18 MVS Cup
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Find out about the countless tourist activities in and around Grenchen on the homepage at:



Events in the region

You will find out about current events on Grenchen town’s homepage. More...




Fly into our friendly Airport and enjoy the range of leisure activities. Allow yourself to be spoilt, for example, by the range of culinary dishes on offer from home and abroad. And why not combine flying with other sports activities? Directly in the vicinity of the Airport there is the option of using the indoor tennis courts or the nearby riding arena. Enjoy the summer in the lake-land area. More...



Why not get to know Grenchen Airport? Plan your company or (the next) school outing today and make a booking with the Airport management. Visit the com­pa­nies on site, take a look inside the hangars, see the aircraft up close and, if possible, visit the tower. More...

Fly and bike

Cheap to hire in Grenchen at the friendly Airport. The prices are: Fr. 5.- per day / person. Make your booking at the customs office; Tel. + 41 (0)32 396 96 96

Walk along the Aare River from Grenchen – Altreu

The attractive banks of the Aare offer nature and recreation for everyone, especially when the deciduous trees are wearing their autumn colours. The well way-marked paths along the Aare indicate a one hour walk from Grenchen bridge to Altreu. The lake-land area offers varied and beautiful walking and biking possi­bi­li­ties. It also has access to the largest single water sports’ area and therefore underlines the region’s special charm. From Solothurn to Yverdon-Les-Bains, from Neuenburg to Murten, together with the romantic landscapes, excursion boats also offer culinary and further highlights for the guest. The "savoir vivre" also accompanies them through this bilingual region. This stretch is also very easy to negotiate by bike (fly and bike from Grenchen Airport). Rest your weary legs after a hike by returning by bus or boat after a restful stay in a cosy pub. The routes along the banks of the river are also attractive. You can reach them from the Airport by foot or by bike to Büren
...And in between, bathe in the cool Aare …for example from the sandbank at Altreu, at the new Aare bridge on the Archer side and further up at the fishing hut at Rüti. For good swimmers: an enjoyable drift down from Bettlach-Rank.

Natural history museum and

dinosaur park

The town of Solothurn is rich in attractive museums that are well worth a visit. What about a visit when the weatherman forecasts rain? The natural history mu­se­um is very suitable for a visit with children. Interest in na­ture is inspired in way that is easy to understand. You will learn more on the natural history museum’s web pages at:



Dinosaur park or fossil "Jurassic Park"

The quarry with traces of dinosaurs can be reached by foot in 30 minutes by taking the Solothurn to Münster railway and getting off at the stations Holz and Oberdorf. As an idea, this could be combined with a philosopher’s stone trail. Click here to get to the Dinosaur park home­page: 



Boat trip

The Biel boat company, with a flotilla of ten excursion ships and trip boats, navigates the lakes of the Jura and the Aare as far as Solothurn. Find out more by visiting the homepage at:



Aare ferries in Altreu-Leuzigen

Aare ferries: The ferry in Altreu/Leuzigen, steeped in tradition, primarily serves bikers and makes this won­derful recreational area accessible. Find out more in­for­mation by phoning + 41 (0)79 317 50 50 and at the home­page at:

Information board at Witibrüggli

Since 2001 a notice board has ensured that Airport enthusiasts have been supplied both with general in­for­mation about the Airport and air traffic there. Moreover, the interested party will also find details about most of the aircraft that operate in Grenchen with their data on a photo board. A similar board can be found in the lookout point of the restaurant Airport. Find out more by visiting the homepage at:

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